Over the last week, we completed a few more query types for our Dashboard tool. We were able to complete almost all the last minute requests for new queries we got from our industry partner. Unfortunately, one custom query would have been too complex for the time remaining. We're down to one week left, and it's just me, since my team mate has finished. Because he did most of the coding the past few months, while I focused on documentation and other similar efforts, it's difficult for me to implement something from scratch without his help. The custom query in question involved linking our Affinity Tool API end point with the Dashboard queries, and that's a kind of architecture we never planned on.

At this point in the project, I'm completing the remaining documentation steps. We've now settled into our permanent MongoDB database schema. We know exactly what collections we have and what kind of documents get stored in them, so I can document that. The Dashboard tool is complete, so I can document it including screenshots, etc. As I sift through our project one last time to make sure the documentation is as thorough as possible, I'm going to try to identify places I can add defaults to simplify deployments. For example, we use a certain way of configuring log directories and files. I can change the modules to use a certain value as default and document that, so that people okay with that default choice can omit that from their config files they have to prepare to use Rutilus. We want this to be as simple and welcoming as possible.

Note: This was originally posted on the blog I used for my co-op term while at Seneca College (mswelke.wordpress.com) before being imported here.