Today I mainly worked on the Timeline React component used by our Get API. My team mate make lots of little polishing touches on the app while I was away at the conference which unfortunately had the side effect of breaking the existing Timeline component. After fixing that link we ended up creating a new one anyways that would look better. Strangely enough, I went back to using a \<table\> modified by CSS instead of the plain HTML5 \<div\> approach I had in my second timeline. We were able to solve any quirks from using a table for layout, and it looks great.

We've got that polished version hosted and by now we've collected lots of data since going live, so at our meeting tomorrow with, we can get some good feedback and know how they think they'll use the Visual Analysis Tool part of our Get API to analyze the collected data. We've already seen some cool info come out of it, like knowing which of their authors write articles that get the users to scroll all the way to the end, and we think they'll really enjoy it.