Now that I've finished making the back end API end points for the new error log displaying part of our project, I'm going to be integrating it into the VAT. They will have the option to display either a query (to perform) or the logs (to examine). Because we've migrated the VAT over to Redux framework since we completed it in December (thanks to the work of my team mate), this should mean just modifying our Redux store to include the ability to manage log data as part of its state. Then some actions... some React components to show the data... and voila! (Let's hope it does indeed end up being simple... I'm not too worried though)

My end points for my logging API ended up looking like this:

  • GET /logs/api/summary - which returns a summary of all the errors, dividing them into categories (client module, pushApi, getApi) and then groups (named using appropriate fields from each category of error).
  • GET /logs/api/summary?categoryName=String&groupName=String - which returns an array of errors, including all the information contained within each error, given a groupName for that error and the category to which the error belongs.

Note: This was originally posted on the blog I used for my co-op term while at Seneca College ( before being imported here.