Today I put some finishing touches on the client code before looking into hosting the back end push API and the client code as we prepare for our Tuesday demo.

We unfortunately didn't have enough permissions on our access to's Amazon Web Services account right now, so I couldn't get it fully hosted. But I began to investigate this on my own, using my own AWS account's free tier. I was able to set up an IAM user for myself, give myself the needed permissions (which ended up being quite a bit... Docker containers on AWS need a lot of their services to work). I wasn't quite able to get the task working for using ECS (Elastic Container Service). We'll look at it in the morning next work day to get it running. Then, once we get the proper permissions from, we can get it running on theirs, knowing exactly what to do.

For the client side of things, we were able to access their CMS server, and add some JavaScript that would run on all pages. It was just a development environment there, so we don't need to worry about breaking things for millions of visitors (phew...). That was pretty simple, so I'm betting the AWS is going to be the trickier part of this.

My team mate worked on the code while I investigated deployment like I described above. He secured the connections with HTTPS and WSS (WebSocket Secure) instead of our old HTTP and WS.