Today we fixed the bug with gathering social media information (finding out whether or not a visit to the article was from a share). Long story short, we tried to do things the simple way, hooking into the JavaScript events the AddThis developers had created, but that wouldn't work. So instead we re-implemented it.

We made our own JavaScript events (just like we did for our own info gathering) and hooked into those. It was very simple to get this info. If a visit came from a share, there was a "service" appended to the URL in the form of an anchor tag (#). This was either "facebook", "reddit" etc. So we just looked for this in the URL.

On the user guide side of things, I refined it further. I improved how it looked and made it more navigable with an anchor link table of contents. It includes more information about our filtering and CSV output system now that my team mate has finished implementing that functionality.

Another feature he's working on which will be documented soon is live feedback on long-running queries. As it was, the user would click the run button and then it would spin until the query was done, and either display the display components (graph etc) or display a button to download the generated CSV. Some of these queries take a minute or two. So now the user clicks the play button and gets a series of steps displayed as they're completed. The steps represent the parts of the query and the packing of the CSV file, etc.

Note: This was originally posted on the blog I used for my co-op term while at Seneca College ( before being imported here.