Today I finished up the second version of the User Guide. It actually doesn't look very different from before, but now the content of the guide is separate from the markup to present it. So if we decide to change how it's displayed, instead of changing 100 lines of code, we change one. Yay!

The social media actions has been the primary focus. We tested today and we're now able to track when they share an article and follow as a result of viewing the article. However, a huge part of why we were excited to implement this is because the AddThis API allows us to get a "clickback".

One of the things logged when someone visits the site after clicking a link to it is whether or not that visit came from a share. We can actually know how successful the sharing is. This sounds incredibly useful, but unfortunately we're having issues getting this working. We're still debugging, and hopefully we can figure out why the event from the AddThis documentation isn't firing. Perhaps we'll talk to their support if we can't debug it. Maybe there's an issue we can be a part of fixing.

Note: This was originally posted on the blog I used for my co-op term while at Seneca College ( before being imported here.