Our demo went well! Engineering.com's staff seems impressed by our work so far. There will be more refinement to do on our back end API in charge of receiving visitor data, but we can also start thinking about the other half of our project at this point. We will need to present the information we've collected in a useful way for them to use to learn about their users. We also will need to link the data into their existing system. If their existing system, which uses Elasticsearch as a recommender engine for example, can use our data to augment their recommendations, they will be able to grow.

This means a front end API (which we're also referring to as the GET API) which is able to query our back end API and send responses in two main forms. The first form will likely be JSON, or some other useful, stable, powerful, machine-readable language. This can be used by Elasticsearch or the rest of their system to augment their recommendations. The second form will likely be the V in MVC. It will be an HTML view or a React or Angular web app. It will be something with an interface they can use to build queries and see data presented in a nice clean, pretty way. My role on the team right now is to investigate creating this front end API while my team mate looks into ways to make our back end API collect even more useful information (likely involving hooks with their CMS).

So far this has been a pretty interesting project, but really, we're only getting started.

Note: This was originally posted on the blog I used for my co-op term while at Seneca College (mswelke.wordpress.com) before being imported here.